Biggest Loser

My coworkers are having a Biggest Loser contest this month. $20 buy-in and the winner (by percentage of body weight, not pounds) takes the pot. The owner of the store put $100 in, but claims since his physique is so perfect he would not be competing.

I am not participating. My husband would not be pleased if I set a goal of losing weight. I really don’t need to. Tone up? Definitely need that. But that’s beside the point.

I’m sort of amazed at what people are eating while they claim they’re trying to lose weight. One of my coworkers the first day in made his regularly scheduled trip to McDonald’s for lunch yesterday (Day 2). He claims this was healthier because he got a grilled chicken something or another.

Ummm, dude. It’s McDonald’s. Unless you’re getting fresh fruit and milk, it probably isn’t all that healthy and it definitely won’t help you lose anything. Especially since you’ve been eating it every day to get to where you are. (I may have a personal vendetta against McDonald’s. Or most specifically, those who choose to eat there.)

I find it curious that almost 90% of Americans think they eat healthy diets while 2/3 of us are overweight or obese. I think I read a stat recently that said with current trends, America would have a 60% obesity rate in 25 years. Does this sound like a problem to anyone else? (Not the least of which is refusal to face reality.)

I’ll go ahead and admit – I don’t eat healthy food nearly as often as I should. Thanks to brilliant genetics (thanks, parents!) I don’t really have to watch my weight. And I like ice cream. A LOT. And donuts. Mmm, donuts! I probably eat about enough fruit most days but I might average out at one veggie a day. Any dietitian would call this atrocious. Just because I don’t get fat doesn’t mean I’m healthy.

Running is a favorite pastime for me but that doesn’t increase the nutritional value of the fries at Red Robin or the French toast on the breakfast menu of every restaurant and cafe in the greater Puget Sound region.

We all need to be better. I know for my family, I need to figure out a healthy menu and just stick to it. That way the French toast doesn’t count against me quite as much. Actually, if I’m being honest, I also need to cut back on the French toast…


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