I don’t understand the appeal of vanilla as an option. 

As in, I don’t understand it at all.

Who orders vanilla when they could have strawberry or chocolate?! Do you? It’s good for adding other things to – like say… chocolate or strawberry. But then it’s chocolate or strawberry, not really vanilla anymore.

I’m curious as to why establishments even offer things like vanilla shakes. People actually buy them? I can get vanilla everywhere. Real vanilla is sorta different I suppose but it still doesn’t compute in my head.

Do you order vanilla flavored things when you have other options? Froyo, shakes, yogurt. BORING! ;)


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  1. Douglas

    I once spent a horrible day training in a soft ice cream truck.

    I never got the hang of the machines, but I did learn that way over half the sales were vanilla!. I didn’t know. In some neighborhoods, the drivers put vanilla in two machines, no chocolate or strawberry.

    I guess you have to remember that half the people are below average.

    Not us of course.

    Welcome back Torrie

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