It just feels good.

Some things just feel good.

It feels good to just write.

It feels good to go for a long run in the rain.

It feels good to lie in bed snuggling with my husband.

Reading. Reading just feels good.

Ignoring those “feel good” moments isn’t wise, at least for me.

I’m working on a novel. I haven’t touched it in months. I haven’t run in what is going on two months. Snuggling happens frequently but it feels a little bit lazy next to WORK ON NOVEL and WORKOUT REGULARLY. Doesn’t it?

It’s wise to do those feel good things, whatever your feel good thing is. If you’re a parent, it’s good to just get away for the weekend with your spouse. If you have a stressful job, sometimes it just feels good to have a long soak in a bubble bath with music and candles and a glass of wine. Sometimes the lazy (read: restful) things are the most important. Not that we should neglect our more more elbow-grease-demanding feel good tasks – things that require more effort than a soak or a snuggle. Sometimes it’s good to just recharge. And sometimes we’ve had too much recharging and need to get back to work.


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