the housekeeper

Like I mentioned in my About Me section (and in real life and on all of my social networking profiles), I am not the most organized person in the world. It’s mostly my personality but it’s fair to say this bad habit was compounded by my upbringing. Regardless of whether to blame nature or nurture (blame being a poor word selection – it doesn’t really bother me) regular chores don’t occur to me.

I feel like saying “my place is fairly organized” would be denial of the obvious. Let it be known that I’m not a slob. I’m just… organizationally challenged.

Sleeping as late as possible is a personal priority and that leaves little time to get things done in the morning. So I will sometimes stay up really late making sure I get at least some things accomplished. I struggle but have found it helpful to make a list and check things off.

Frankly, it seemed like there was progress being made until last night.

Husband: “I think we should get a housekeeper.”

Me: … “What?”

Husband: “A housekeeper. Someone who will come in and do the laundry and the clean up and iron my clothes.”

Me: “How many hours a week?”

Husband: “I was thinking about 20.”

Me: “TWENTY?!”

Husband: “Yeah, or however long it takes her to get everything done that most normal women I know do for their husbands on their own.”

Hmmm, apparently I’m NOWHERE near as good at keeping house as I thought. N went on to tell me that it didn’t bother him that I wasn’t a successful housewife but he was pretty confident that I wasn’t likely to improve since it took me “forever” to do what only took him 15 minutes. This is true. It takes me forever (and ever) to clean things. I’m thorough but that’s pretty much all I can say about that.

So, I guess I can look forward to going back to school AND having a housekeeper. Goodness… I don’t know how I managed to get married with such lackluster abilities! ;)


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