community (no, not the show)

My church is really adamant about community.

Like, really. They don’t waste any opportunity to try and get people plugged in.

Tonight was no different. Our friends Mike and Bobbi are getting married next month. Things have been really tight for them financially but they managed to get Bobbi out to Seattle from Iowa. They were part of what our church calls community groups – groups that meet weekly to discuss the teaching, eat, encourage, pray for one another and hold each other accountable – more specifically, in our community group.

Some of the girls decided to throw them a co-ed shower. They don’t have a ton of support here in Seattle. (Most people who live in Seattle aren’t from here originally.) It was amazing to see hundreds and hundreds of dollars spent on this new couple who are just starting out and all from a small group of us who love and support them and their marriage.

Community isn’t just about financial support but in the current climate, that’s a big part of it. It’s reassuring to know that needs are being met, people are being touched and supported and we all can contribute to the cause. I love that this tight knit group exists because someone realized that’s it’s just as important to live like Jesus as it is to talk about him.

How can you challenge yourself to get more involved with the people in your community and neighborhood to make a difference in their lives?


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