untitled ramblings on whining, pride and other flaws

I think blogging has made me more whiny.

Consider: was there ever a more vain task than writing about yourself everyday? I’d imagine back when everyone kept a journal and it was for no one’s eyes but their own until after they were dead, it was much different. But nowadays we write with the intention of everyone and their mother reading it instantly.

To be fair, not all my blogs are about me but they are all the lenses through which I see the world and that’s close enough.

I’m not calling every blogger ever vain. In this day and age, if someone doesn’t struggle with overwhelming pride on some level it’s a miracle on par with the parting of the Red Sea. Blogging is not reflective of our pride levels. Whether we are capable of admitting to ourselves that we are pitiful and arrogant creatures or not has no bearing on this stark reality. The real problem comes in believing ourselves to be humble. It is the true vanity: self-deception.

Sometimes (often!) I just need to stop and be thankful. Other times I need to stop and actually shut up. Maybe whining is something that I should retroactively add to my short list of flaws to pay attention to this year. (Most people call the goals to fix their flaws resolutions but in the interest of not sugar coating my shortcomings, I’ll just stick with flaw.) Realization is a necessary precursor to the first step, yes?


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