intro to my favorite people


Weekend before last I had a whole bunch of friends come into town. Michelle was kind enough (oh, who am I fooling, it’s her job!) to snap this shot of five of us. (You can see pics of Michelle below.)

L-R: John, Nick, Audrey, me & Tyler

Saturday we went to Kingston for breakfast. Upon arriving back at my house, we all were in the deadly grips of the worst food coma I’d ever experienced. (Thank you, Oak Table Cafe!) We sprawled all over our small living room, prompting my husband to say “It looks like a refugee camp in here!” This wasn’t far from the truth.

When we finally recovered, we had pizza and watched Easy A. And then headed down to Molly Moon’s in Wallingford for dessert. Delicious! (But it doesn’t beat  Old School Frozen Custard. Sorry, Otter Pop!)

Ferry to Kingston

It was an amazing weekend. I have amazing friends. Who take amazing pictures with their iphones. And their 5D Mark IIs. But that’s for another blog. ;)


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