on therapy

I was meandering around Heather Armstrong’s blog today. I never know what to expect from her so I never show up with any sort of punctuality. Sometimes she is so funny it scares me, other times it feels more like Revelation’s “weeping and gnashing of teeth”. Still I can’t deny her ability to inject subtle profundity into what might otherwise be a very mundane life and it’s incredibly captivating.

(Side note: I almost can’t stand the word profundity because I primarily use to mock people who say stupid things like “When you talk about people being mean to you, you’re just playing the victim. When I complain about people being mean, it’s legitimate pain.” Gag me. Anyway.)

While reading this post she wrote, I was struck by what she hoped to pass on to her daughters – namely this gem:

“[G]oing to therapy isn’t a sign of weakness but of a willingness to live a better life.”

Few words spoken by mere mortals have resonated so deeply with me.

If it hadn’t been for my time in counseling, I wouldn’t be where I am today. That process lead to dramatic growth for me personally. I’m not where I want to be yet (I’m not sure if I will ever be) but it’s important to start down that path at some point. It’s vital at some point to realize that the lens through which you view the world is not the only lens there is and that you cannot compare your personal growth with anyone other than yourself.

It’s not weakness. It’s the strength to be able to admit that you are damaged (and we’re all damaged – get over it) and that you damage other people (most of us unintentionally.)

This was very seriously one of the best, most life-improving decisions I’ve ever made. I hope if you haven’t thought about it, that you will and that if you have thought about it, that you’ll act on it. I can’t recommend it enough – for everyone. Don’t let your pride stand in the way of a better life.


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