a new list of flaws.

I haven’t had anything particularly pressing on my mind lately. At least, nothing that doesn’t have to do with politics, fiscal budgets and Apoclyptic warnings about our $14 trillion dollar debt.

So I guess I’ll write yet another (short) list of my flaws.

1) Maintenance is not my forte.

Like, not at all. I haven’t had a hair cut in a year. I’ve eaten pizza and ice cream twice this week and haven’t gone running at all. Thank God my husband remembers that our vehicles need oil changes because this would occur to me about once every year or two.

2) My natural emotional state is “hyperemotional”.

If regular folks’ emotions are like fuel in a car, I have enough emotional energy to get to the moon. I intentionally try to keep this down around 20-30% of normal (for me) but I don’t succeed as often as I would like.

Speaking of haircuts, yesterday I called my stylist Mark to make an appointment (in Portland – such a diva) and he said “I hear you’re married.”

I said “Yes, I am!”

“Do you treat your husband well?”

“Yes, Mark. I do!”

“Ok, good because you’re a little bit of a psycho.”

*If your stylist calls you a psycho, there’s likely more than a bit of truth to it…

3) I’m inconsistent.

This could be thrown in with the maintenance bit, but it deserves its own line. And I’ve probably written entire blogs devoted to this flaw. Moving on…

4) I want to be too skinny.

Not sure why that’s appealing to me, but I wouldn’t complain if I were back down to a size zero and 117 pounds even though it probably wouldn’t be very attractive. It’s weird. I have body image issues. (Because even when I WAS a size 0 and 117 pounds I thought I was “fat”. Whatever that means.)

5) Speaking of food ;) I have social anorexia.

My friend David diagnosed me with this. He’s a genius for it. I don’t like eating in front of people. In fact, if I could eat by myself for the rest of my life I would probably do it. Ok, not entirely. But almost.

6) I mostly hate music.

Is this a real flaw? It’s true. I can do days at a time without listening to music and not even think about it.)

7) I gossip.

Welp. There’s that. I’m not sure how often I do it – I think I at least notice it when it happens. Classy, I know.

8 ) I’m a raging know it all.

If you know ANYTHING about me, you know this.

9) I’m really oblivious.

I say hurtful things ALL the time without meaning them to be hurtful. (I say hurtful things trying to hurt people too. And frankly, I don’t really care about that. Another flaw!) I don’t give people as much attenion as I should. I throw gas on fires when I should just walk away. Part of it is because I keep my emotional settings pretty low. I don’t emotionally connect with a lot of people – most of the time I’m unaware of this.

10) I’m prideful.

I think about myself and what I want and what’s easiest for me ALL. THE. TIME. It’s lame. But it’s true.

11) I think (and write) about my flaws more than I try to do anything about them. I guess I should try to change that, huh?


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