Is saying “Happy Ash Wednesday” inappropriate? Probably. I’ll pass. I hope this Ash Wednesday finds you well.

For Lent, I was challenged to give up a few of my staples. I might have agreed to it more because of the challenge of proving someone wrong than to surrender a few of my everyday indulgences to wait upon the Lord. Wrong attitude from the start. Oops.

So the things I am giving up for Lent are as follows. Bare in mind, this is every day stuff for me, save one item which I broke my habit of a few weeks back, more of out of necessity than desire.

1) Ice cream. I heart ice cream. Buh bye, ice cream.

2) Facebook and Twitter. This wasn’t a huge cut, per se; I’d taken a break back in January for 10 days and never really took Twitter up again.

3) Smut. That includes my every day jaunts over to people.com and pinkisthenewblog.com – I might actually be a smut addict. So this break will help.

Deliberating over giving up alcohol. Two of my BFFs and I are going to the coast this weekend to have a girls’ getaway and there will be wine involved. I probably shouldn’t give it up because I know I’ll make an exception for the weekend and I rarely drink anymore. (Long story.) I went to my favorite bar in Portland this past Saturday and had ONE drink. That’s a record for me.

Things I wish I could tweet/facebook about for the day include:

1) I got to talk to my oldest Twitter BFF, @karldotcom today on the phone for the first time! He had to run to the set of Two And a Half Men to pick up the Mercedes that one of the main characters drove. He also sends me text pics of major movie scripts. I’m so jealous of his job.

2) I’m having hot flashes. I really think that I’m going to end up going through menopause early. (TMI? Sorry, it’s true!) Which I’m actually ok with. The sooner I get it over with, the longer I have to live life without worrying about it, right?

3) I have 20 Words With Friends games going right now. If you have it, you should start a game with me! My username is t0rrie (tee-zero-ar-ar-eye-ee)

4) Going to coffee with an Instagram friend tonight! She’s in town from Texas. Should be fun. :)

5) I really, really, really want to read The Historian! I wish there were better used bookstores in Seattle. I need me some Powell’s something fierce! :)


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  1. No wonder I haven’t seen your tweets for a while! hey I also want to give up facebook and twitter for lent. I waste so much time in social media :( I’m addict. I need rehab.

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