I feel like it needs to be said.

The whole uproar about the Alexandra Wallace “Asians in the UCLA library” rant got me thinking. I know she did it for attention and that’s fine. I should start out by saying I don’t think she’s racist. She made it pretty clear that it didn’t apply to her friends which leads me to believe that a) she actually has friends and b) some of them are Asian. Otherwise her entry wouldn’t have needed that preface. But moving on.

It’s really smart of Alexandra to have chosen Asians in the library to rant about. Not that she ever goes to these kinds of parks but if she had chosen to rant about black kids in the park, the response would have been much, MUCH different. Can you imagine? Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Michael Eric Dyson and Cornel West would have had a simultaneous conniption. (“MY HEAD ASPLODE!”) And then they would have called President Obama for a cyber-bullying confab before going on CNN to call for Alexandra to be lynched and saying she is “everything that’s wrong with white people in this country”.

I know that Alexandra’s been getting death threats and that is very obviously NOT COOL but I still think it’s funny that her tirade lead to all of these amazing and funny video responses from the Asian community. Sure, there’s been some mean stuff and I don’t want to make light of that (also, threatening someone’s life is ILLEGAL, you MORONS) but the responses that I’ve seen from the Asian kids at UCLA have been pretty rad. I’ll leave you with one of them cause it’s a little bit more awesome than some of the others. Mad props to Asians for being significantly less angry/hyper-sensitive about all this than *cough* other groups.


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