Lockout Mode

As I mentioned previously, I gave up twitter and facebook for Lent. Truly, I didn’t think this would be a challenge. And the first week wasn’t, actually. It was after that when I started feeling restless.

I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied. I’ve been trying to remember to pray when I feel those pangs of boredom. I’ve been trying to remember not judge myself. (“If you’re bored, you’re boring!”) Trying to read, work on my novel, listen to lectures… It’s been a struggle.

I keep clicking on my church’s website every couple of days to see how many days it is until Easter. Not sure if that’s helping. My friends are even going a little crazy which I did not expect. I’m trying to focus on people and not just social network gossip. It’s a strange transition. When it gets really tough I pray and remind myself that this is what it will be like for everyone if  North Korea decides to test out their EMP on us.

Not very lofty. Not even close to being ascetic. Just where I am right now.


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