I HATE documentaries! And other things I learned while fasting Facebook and Twitter

Well, my fast has come to end. (Except it hasn’t. More on that later.)

But I had a lot more time to think while I wasn’t on Twitter or Facebook. I love thinking so I was ok with this. Here are some of the things I learned or realized during my break.

1) Most people with a “following” of any sort are huge snobs. I really realized this specifically with photographers but it applies to a lot of different kinds of people. I think I know all the non-snobby photographers personally so the rest really don’t matter. ;) Also – I should have realized this when I was about 5.

2) People have no clue what a $14 trillion dollar debt looks like. For some clarity, if the government sold everything currently owned (ports, interstates, national parks, buildings, all of it) we still wouldn’t be anywhere close to paying back what we owe. Bad. Bad.

3) If you like The Civil Wars you will probably like The Once. They are incredible.

4) I hate documentaries. HATE them. It’s amazing to me that there is an entire generation of people living in this country who abhor being told what to think, how to feel, how to act, and yet they obsess over being sold prettily packaged ideology. Worse yet, they swear the garbage they see in these film is true. They even do one better – they believe it to be unbiased. Good glory. My hope for mankind shrinks (and I have not much to begin with!) when I realize that people don’t see that they are paying money to watch someone sell them something.*People who hate Walmart should also hate people who make documentaries telling them that they should hate Walmart – because both sides are selling them something and the actual cost is just too high.

Excuse me while I vomit.

5) Running keeps me alive. I knew this before. But I now I know it. I cannot survive without it. I’m constantly tired and lethargic when I’m not running. It’s really worth it to get up an hour early to get out there and hit the pavement. Or the black spinning rubbing band.

6) I can live without stalking people via social networks. It’s a freeing feeling to know that I don’t have to know what you are doing. It’s even more brilliant to not even care.

7) Your kid is not that interesting. To those of your devoting hours a month blogging your not-that-cute kid’s every waking moment, please, read this item again.

8) I abhor the religious right. This is a blog post of a its own, and that will likely be forthcoming. It actually makes me angry.  And no, I did not watch a documentary on it to come to this conclusion. Keep in mind, this is coming from a conservative Christian.

9) The fact that state governments keeps banning things is immoral. I’m sort of embarrassed that people don’t see their rights being infringed upon when the state tells them what they can and cannot do.

10) I don’t think the government should have the right to discriminate against gay folks. This doesn’t really apply to marriage because marriage is strictly a spiritual and/or religious practice, not a state-run institution. The government doesn’t intrinsically have the right to tell the citizenry which of them are and are not married to start. We need to actually practice some real separation of church and state before we go down this path, but after that’s taken care of, I don’t think the government deserves any say in the matter. They have better, more important things to do. Like paying off a $14 trillion dollar debt.

*I don’t hate Walmart. It’s a free country (or at least it used to be) and people should have the right to buy whatever they want to buy wherever the hell they want to buy it. With a few exceptions, among them being things like child porn and meth. But you get the picture.


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  1. Nyc

    Preach, sister! :)

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