thoughts on a rainy wednesday…

I don’t consider myself an impatient person. But as I wrote a few days ago, I had been feeling very discontent recently.

The last few days though, things have been much better. Yesterday, when I was tempted to have a “poor me” moment, I changed course and chose to be thankful. I have been given so much by the grace of God and I have no right to complain. I was even thankful for that very moment – another day of waiting for prayers to be answered and not being entirely sure what the next step would look like.

All that to say, the last few days have been more relaxed. There’s been less moping and more encouragement. I’m not stressing about what I don’t have. I’m not even stressing about the possibility of life “never” getting easier. This is odd, at least for me.

Today a very vivid reminder was a statement about the purpose of life. Specifically it was about how the purpose of life is to glorify God. That statement can’t not put life in perspective for a believer. My minuscule, first world problems are exceedingly selfish when I am reminded of this truth. John Piper posted today a quote that backed that up. He said

“If I know God owes me nothing but punishment, I should never get in his face about anything.”

I guess if nothing else was going to calm down my demanding heart, it would be something Piper said! Ha. God doesn’t owe me anything. Hard lesson to learn when you’ve thought differently about it your whole life but I’m happy to be set (mostly) straight now.

I’ll leave you with another Piper quote just because I can. Sorry this post is all over the place and so stream of consciousness. Some days are better than others with this whole blogging endeavor! I’m sure if you have one you understand… :)

Don’t take your life today. God is coming. Though he linger, he will not be late. Sometimes trust just waits in the darkness.


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