four things update

I will admit I’m a little tired but I have accomplished my four things for four days this week.

Ok, I’m being preemptive here. I still need to workout tonight as well as clean up but I’m anticipating that will be as much less of a challenge as most days. Reading and writing are finished and those feel more overwhelming after working out than a couple of dishes and putting a few things away.

It feels really monumental to have four days of accomplishing my mini-list under my belt. I’ve even been keeping track of what I’m eating and not going over my calorie goals for the day! This might be the most productive week I’ve had in a very long time.

I realize how utterly sad this is if you’re a type A or super-achiever. However, I am NOT that person and baby steps require a good deal of celebration. If I could keep this up for a few months, even if it’s only during the work week, that would be amazing. I could throw a few more items on the list and actually be a normal, functioning American!

Thankfully, my husband gets more than enough done for both of us and doesn’t hold a grudge about it.

New update:

I took the weekend off. I think I did 1-3 things each weekend day.

There are some days when I just can’t do all four things. It’s not that weekends are necessarily “those days” when I make excuses or lower my standards.

Yesterday, I didn’t accomplish even on of my four things.

Yet if I’m being honest with myself, yesterday was a fiasco. It recovered and was wonderful but it was a fiasco none the less. I’m really thankful it worked out the way it did. But like I said, nothing on the list got checked off. I was too busy making plans that ended up being unnecessary. Monday, I accomplished everything (with help on one item from my husband!) and was a little frazzled stress case trying to prep for yesterday. Strange how that works.

So I’m here today – Wednesday – and I’ve done one thing. In fact, I did it well. I planned to write 250 words, which is my goal for the day, but instead I wrote 1,000. Made up for the weekend and yesterday. Woot! In another 30 minutes, I’ll have my reading checked off the list which leaves only working out and cleaning.

Somehow this has been working. How, I don’t know.


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