I have to admit: at this very moment I have an attitude.

Funny how things change. Typically I’m very grateful, to the point of being annoyed with others when they gripe about their first world problems.

I’m annoyed because I’ve been waiting for the last eight hours for a phone call. I’m cranky because we’re on a juice fast yet all I really want are carbs. We got hit while driving to church this evening and now my car (that I sort of love) has a whole bunch of weird quirks (never mind the minor body damage!) My PMS is out of control and it’s a wonder I haven’t broken down and started crying or yelling at my sweet husband. I didn’t make it to the gym or church and all I have is a headache to show for it.

Man, I can’t stand it when my life isn’t all about ME.

My point is just that – my bratty attitude have once again managed to get the best of me and ruin a good day.

Today was gloriously pretty – Seattle’s had a miserable excuse for a summer thus far – with lots of sun shining and a nice breeze. And here I am, on my couch, pouting. Wanting to sneak out to get something to eat. Wishing I’d hit the gym. I KNOW when these days are going to happen yet I haven’t found a solution for my lack of productivity when they show up. I’m just miserable, selfish and sullen.

I hope and pray that I learn something from this because my attitude right now is certifiably pathetic! And I pray anyone who reads this is having a much better day than I am. I have no right to complain and yet here I am. As my little sister likes to say, Jesus take the wheel! ;)


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