Family (heh) Planning

When I was 14, I decided I wanted nine kids.

Yup. You read that right.


I was raised in a bigger family than most Americans (I have four siblings and my mom homeschooled all of us) and for a long time was under the impression that that was what I wanted for myself times 1.75. Or something approximately close to that.

But as I’ve grown up and realized how dauntingly, perfectly organized my mother is, and have come to accept the fact that I will never be that regardless of how hard I try, I’ve definitely abandoned any desire for a large family.

I think I could manage with one kid. This statement should give you an adequate picture of my disorganization. I don’t forget events or plans I make with other people. This is a very good thing. Hopefully feeding my one child will become an event in my mind so I don’t forget that either! Most people do NOT enjoy listening to a baby cry but thank God those things come with built in alarms for all major issues. I am one of the few people in the world capable of forgetting anything, up to and including (I presume) that I have a kid.

Two kids might be manageable too. I’m not sure, that’s definitely pushing it. Three is maxing out. A “big” family of four sounds cool – two boys, two girls – but our kids would probably look homeless most of the time because I didn’t have time to throw them in the bath. Ok, that’s gross and I don’t mean it but I’ll never leave the house because it will take me so long to feed and bath and clothe my children. N will have to do all the grocery shopping. And never mind combing their hair…

This all sounds like a lot to sacrifice. I’m aware of the fact that I’m not getting any younger and that even with all the technology and money in the world, no doctor can ensure pregnancy for a woman if her body is past a certain point. Still, I want to enjoy the time I have where my family is just my husband and myself, for however long that lasts. And heck, if God decided that we aren’t ever going to have any kids then I’ll never have worry about any of this, will I? :)



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2 responses to “Family (heh) Planning

  1. Brenna :)

    Yes…starting with one is a good place to start. :) I used to think that I wanted four. Now I think two is good number.

  2. Diane D

    David always wanted 4+ children and i thought 2 was perfect, God decided we needed three and I could not imagine not having Nate and probably neither could you. Lots of work and lots of joy. So it is true God only gives you what you can handle even if we differ in what we think we can handle.

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