this is where some the characters live. in my novel.

I’m raiding the internet trying to find the prefabs that my characters live in Tacoma, Washington and Bend, Oregon. Hopefully, I’ll be able to give proper credit for all of these as I mostly did Google searches for “Bend, Oregon prefabs” and so on.

Ok, first of all I love love love Rocio Romero’s LV series prefabs so much.

The characters live in a few of them outside of Bend, Oregon for most of the story. I imagine them a bit bigger than the largest option available on the website but that aside, this is exactly what I see in my head when I’m writing. (Can you see Kadyn sitting in that bedroom in the pic on the bottom right hand corner all the way at the end?! Me too.)

And this beauty is about the view I see. Except with Three Sisters in the background instead of… whatever those mountains are. Heh. Also, the deck is perfect. A lot of conversations take place on this deck.

In Tacoma, the Michaels family lives in a gorgeous house in Tacoma with a view of Puget Sound. Something like this. (Pics stolen from Zillow/John L Scott.)

Stunner, right? Yeah.


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