favorite characters, gay marriage and being moved

I don’t know if it’s normal to have favorite characters in your novel but I do. My favorites supers are Zeke (duh) and Dmitri. I love my non-supers as well but for some reason I have a strange attachment to Adia (I changed Imani’s name – long story, but I never really meant for her to be an Imani anyway, it was just laziness) and Kira – Kadyn’s older sister and her girlfriend, respectively.

Yes, it is probably a little weird as a Christian author to have a lesbian couple in my novel. But apart from the fact that I love all my gay friends, it’s just sort of my reality. I grew up in the PNW and so the issue is sort of impossible to avoid. Also, the only Christian folks I know who don’t have any gay friends are what I (in my head) refer to as Christian separatists. You know, the people who think it’s not wise to be friends with non believers for any reason except to be preachy and or quoting Bible verses constantly. I digress…

I have a fairly nuanced take on the sociopolitical issues that come with living in a country where the homosexual community are fighting for their rights and feel somewhat (or totally) isolated by a big chunk of the population. That opinion is that the government doesn’t have the authority to determine who is and isn’t married, gay or straight or polygamous/polyandrous. But I abhor the fact that social issues have become the major push for both parties and I wish both sides would just drop these issues entirely. So I’m not going to stay any longer on this particular aspect of the topic.

Lots of authors listen to music while writing. I can’t do that, I find it’s just way too distracting because I love lyrics and I focus on those and don’t end up writing anything. It’s sad.

What I do in lieu of listening to music while I write is having a play list for all my characters – a song I feel represents each of them. This last week, I found the *perfect* song for Kira. I sort of adore her. Adia makes some decisions out of fear and leans toward anti-emotionalism (to protect herself) so I feel less of an attachment to her. Kira on the other hand is a bit more open and honest and loving, even when she knows she might get hurt.

The song is You Move Me, originally sung by Susan Ashton and later covered by Garth Brooks (cause it’s just that awesome). I’ve loved this song since I was 12 years old but listening to it from Kira’s perspective gives me actual goosebumps. Can’t get over it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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