my brother is moving back to the PNW…

… From the Gulf Coast where he was stationed in the Coast Guard! So I thought I’d post a couple videos that will bring back some memories for my siblings.

As you will easily be able to ascertain, the Williams kids weren’t music snobs by ANY stretch. Our mom didn’t (doesn’t?) let us listen to regular music, only Christian music. So our options were really limited for a long time. But all of these have meaning for us on some level. :)

Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin. This was pretty common in our house once we hit high school.

We would sit up and watch Christian music videos on Friday (or was it Saturday night?) and this one would get played a LOT. I actually didn’t appreciate it until about a year or two ago.

I don’t know if we ever actually watched this video but I know we listened to the song (and all the songs on this album) a million times between the five of us. It’s a little weird that I still love it and find myself wishing I had dcTalk songs on my iphone, I think. Hehe

Personally, I think Christian music used to be pretty ok. I don’t think I’d let my kids listen to it nowadays though. ;)

This is a picture of all five of us from 2008 (I think!) at Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon. For homeschooled, nerdy, Bible thumpers (ok, I only speak for myself in that description) we turned out alright, yeah??


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