Friday Faves! @jaymeedoll & @MollieinSeattle

Ok, so living in Seattle it can be a little daunting figuring out what all is going on and who is doing what.

But if you need any help figuring out the best places to eat, what to wear or where to be seen, you NEED to follow Mollie Ruiz-Hopper and Jaymee Espinueva. They are super helpful in getting acclimated to the city!

The two of them are best friends (and super chic – hello!) and they always know what’s going on around town. I love reading their tweets and blogs. They’re both vivacious, fun loving and always uplifting. Their personalities and love for life really shine through in everything they do.

Love them so much. <3

Ok, so first things first. Head over and check out their blogs!



And follow them on twitter!



And you definitely need to read this article from The Bellevue Scene featuring both of them and their amazing style! :) Now you won’t ever have to worry about what to do on a Friday night in the city again. <3


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