Yesss! Best news!

Yesterday was a ROUGH day. Neither Audrey nor myself were really up for hanging out but we decided to suck it up and hit Matador because we bother really, really needed a drink.

Picking out THE dress with Audrey July 2011

And that brought the best news in ages.

You see, Audrey doesn’t love Seattle.

I know right? What’s not to love.

She thinks it’s full of communists and countless other forms of systematic, government imposed failures. (It is.) (Whether or not you’re ok with that is a different story.)

But she and her future hubs, Matt (bless his Alaskan heart!) found it in themselves to forgive Seattle all its faults… at least temporarily.


Audrey and Matt on some hike in Alaska somewhere. Yeah, I know. Specfic. :)

It might be short term. I can accept that. I know they don’t really want to be here. (They like Alaska.) But still!

I’ve never lived in the same city as my best friend in my entire life.

At least, not while she also resided there.

This is amazing. Best early Christmas present ever! Now if I can only convince them to stay until after Christmas… ;)


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  1. I just saw that you wrote a blog about me. Well, I’m honored. Like.

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