Confessions Part 3? 4? Whatever.

1) I can’t stop watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Ok, yes of course part of it is McDreamy but I feel like an addict. I don’t have a addictive personality but I don’t want to stop watching it. I’m on my 4th? 5th? Episode of the night. I really want to wake my husband up and… get busy? (Is it ok to say that about your own husband on your own blog?) But I can’t. So I’m settling. In the grand scheme of things, watching Grey’s and having sex are entirely different. Or something? Ok, shutting up now.

2) I smell like car engine oil when I work out.

I went for a run tonight. I haven’t showered yet. Because, you know, I was busy. With Grey’s Anatomy. And stinking. I might actually go to bed without showering. I’m sorry, baby.

3) I just took NyQuil to fall asleep.

I LOVE NyQuil. After last night. When I was lying in bed for 2.5 hours not falling asleep. That was not fun. By the way, the new, alcohol-free NyQuil flavor (berry something or another) is the best ever. Feel free to judge me. Alcohol-free, baby!

4) Someone paid me to write for them! I’m a little stoked. Heyo. I can put this money toward editing my own novel. Woot!

5) I am getting tired. (Thank you, NyQuil.)



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