December Update

1) N is back to working nights again, at least for a little while. The switch came with a promotion so praise the Lord for that!

2) This last weekend we got to go down to the Oregon coast with the rest of his family to celebrate his grandpa Douglass’ birthday so that was fun. It was a nice break from Seattle (though I love it here!) and I was grateful to be able to have several of the same days off as my husband. That hasn’t happened a lot for us and any time it does, I’m happy for it.

There aren’t a lot of places I enjoy more than the Oregon Coast. I love the blue green of the ocean with the white caps and gray skies. Just can’t be beat in my opinion.

3) We also got a real tree this year! Last year we didn’t have one and I grew up with a fake (and then TWO fakes) so I was stoked to have a real one. Last year, I bought a some cute new ornaments and I’m glad I got to use them finally! I’m pretty picky about these things and wanted a tree with a real theme. Right now it’s white and silver and I love it. It took me about three years to decide on what colors I wanted to pick and I’m happy I finally was able to choose!

4) My novel is with a VP at Harper Collins still. Waiting for feedback on that but people keep talking to me about self-publishing. At first I was really really opposed to it but I’m finally warming up to the idea. I have just a great support team and I really think that I’d be able to get this thing published and out there. Huge thank you to Ryan for helping me edit and Max for offering to pay for marketing and my hubs for endless encouragement. I really believe in this project (I mean, who doesn’t love superheroes?!) and I have complete faith that it will be a success at some point. All depends on what I hear back from HC, so keep that in your prayers if you pray! I’d really appreciate it.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season!


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  1. exciting updates!! i agree with you about the Oregon Coast :) love you guys!

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