last weekend in January.

There are so many things I want to do today! I need to remember that I’m not 100% recovered just because I don’t want to puke into every sink and toilet and trash can I see. I need to take it easy.

Last night we were having some folks over for dinner. Until yesterday morning, when Elizabeth over at Solid Rock posted a very tasty salmon burger recipe on He Speaks In The Silence, I was thinking either pizza or having N make breakfast for dinner. Something SUPER easy. I couldn’t even THINK about making a decent meal, I’ve just been extremely exhausted.

But, I had to go out for ingredients to make this meal. So I gathered my courage, put my coat on my terrified self and drove to the grocery store at 1 pm on a Saturday. I was afraid that I would just be so exhausted by picking up a few items that I wouldn’t actually have the energy to prepare the meal for our guests. Of course, Nano is an excellent chef and could have made dinner himself but he worked all night the night before and wouldn’t be up until it was too late. Never having made salmon burgers before I wasn’t sure if things would go as planned or not. The recipe LOOKED easy enough!

Amazingly, I was able to get all the ingredients I needed, come home, spend several hours in the kitchen – making myself lunch and then getting to work on dinner. On top of this I didn’t start yawning until 9 pm. It was amazing.

When you can find a good deal on salmon, you should definitely try this recipe. It’s delish. Elizabeth give substitutes to make it gluten and dairy-free if those are your requirements, too! And the sweet potato fries are divine. I used white pepper instead of black and they were still amazing.

Ok, that’s my little weekend update! Hope you are all well!


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