Mom Territory

Officially venturing into MOM TERRITORY tonight.

And by that I mean I’m making a casserole.

I’m mostly going by the recipe tonight but in the future I plan on substituting some real food in place of the cream of mushroom (or in our mushroom-allergic case, cream of celery) soup that the recipe calls for, as well as the pasta. There has to be a way to make budget-friendly casseroles healthier and not as bland without resorting to something pre-made at Whole Foods, right? I guess I may as well figure out what that is but for now I’m so exhausted that making dinner was my big goal for the evening. I have an amazing husband who did all the dishes afterward too. Whew. The recipe was pretty tasty though. Cheesy tuna broccoli casserole. I’m ok with it for every once in a while.

(Side not: ever since I was a teen, I’ve started to feel nauseated when I stay up too late. Combining this with pregnancy is a HORRIBLE idea but yeah. I’m just going to go to bed early. It’s always my best bet.)

Regarding the pregnancy, did you talk to your unborn baby? I know Poppy can’t hear quite yet but I still talk to him or her all the time. I think I might be a crazy person but then my husband does it too so it can’t be that weird. I also blasted Ke$ha on the way to work today. I hope this doesn’t mean that we will have a rebellious teen on our hand someday who think Mick Jagger is the picture of perfection and sneaks into the liquor to brush their teeth. ;) But, you know never know. Lord, give me grace for whatever you’re sending us here!

That’s all I have time for. There is a toothbrush and bottle of Jack waiting for me in the bathroom. Goodnight!



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5 responses to “Mom Territory

  1. I always enjoy reading your blog, friend. Have a great rest!

  2. When I was a kid my dentist Dr Wortner (nickname Dr Wartface) used to tell me I wouldn’t have any more cavities when I got to college and starting drinking bourbon….just saying.

  3. Diane

    I make casseroles all the time and never use cream of anything. Nano used to like my tamale casserole . It’s just beans, black or pinto, cooked hamburger or turkey burger, corn, a can of diced tomatoes , some chili seasoning all cooked together in an oven safe pan, top with cornbread and bake until the cornbread is done. You can add onions and anything your heart desires, I also make my own cornbread no mixes.
    So everything is healthy and no artificial ingredients. Get all the sleep you can now because in the first few months after the baby is born sleep will be elusive.Mom Douglass

  4. Mrs. Williams

    Instead of playing secular music, you might want to play the Word of God (preaching, Bible, music). Do you confess scripture over Poppy? That is really good as well. Do you have the Scripture Keys?

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