Guns. Green juice. Generosity.

I juiced on Monday. I’ve been craving juice with fresh peaches in it but canned in light syrup did the trick. 3 oranges, 4 celery stalks and peaches all in the juicer for a really amazing snack. I forgot, however, how painfully addicting juicing is! My body started to crave those extra nutrients and by the next day ALL I could think about was going home and juicing. I’m way too tired to juice in the morning, let’s just be honest.

Tonight, I wanted my regular green juice but we were out of both cucumbers and pears so I settled for N’s green juice which was three apples (two granny smith and one fuji, I think), celery and kale. It’s ok. It’s neon green and reminded me of Hilary Duff’s green juice that she carries around with her everywhere and tweets about (or used to, I haven’t been on Twitter in two weeks!)


Whether my green juice makes up for the 4 girl scout cookies I ate today, I don’t know. But It’s good for me, so I’ll focus on that and leave it be. I couldn’t juice during the first tri – it was just not appealing and messed with my tummy so it’s nice to be back on the wagon.


As you may or may not know, we’re a very pro-gun household. N and I strongly believe in the right to bear arms. (And bare arms. It’s almost spring and we’re Reformed!) And although N hates the song Pumped Up Kicks, Poppy and I listened to it tonight because it’s about a kid with a gun so it makes a lot of mommies VERY angry. I have this bad habit of enjoying making people very angry and I need to repent for it. Tomorrow. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I don’t know what a normal age is to start taking your kiddo to the range and actually letting them shoot but I can’t imagine it’ll be any later than three or four for our particular kiddo. Before that, they’ll be backpackin’ it while mom and dad shoot. With ear and eye protection OF COURSE. (I know you think I’m stupid but c’mon.)

(This is seriously one of my favorite pictures – possibly ever. I should get into kids with guns photography. Heh.)

So back to Foster The People, I find it HILARIOUS that mothers let their toddlers and preschoolers listen to Katy Perry and Britney but won’t let them listen to FTP because of that one song. Frankly, you’re child is about 100,000 times more likely to engage in sexual activity in while high school than they are to shoot up the place but it’s definitely seeing and hearing violence in video games, movies, music, television that makes kids violent, not neglect, abuse, depression or anything like THAT.

Man, some people’s parents! ;)


I’m having showers thrown for me in both of my favorite cities by my best friend, mom, MIL and SILs – so incredibly generous. I’ve never had a shower before I’m pretty excited. Although I am hoping that there aren’t any gross games that involve eating baby food. ;) However, my kids won’t be eating it anyway, so I don’t think I’ll ever actually taste it if it’s not in a baby shower game! If that is the case, I will be a good sport about it. Now I just need to find out what we’re having and register! :) And apparently go to Babies R Us and try on baby carriers. They have 8 pound baby dolls you can stick in those things to test them right?! Otherwise, how would I possibly know what I wanted?


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