Dream (Baby) Registry

The interwebz are such a fabulous place wherein you can collect objects that would never been seen or sold together and make a LIST.

I am registering at a few places – Target, Babies R Us, etc. But if I could use the power of the internet to create my dream registry that could be accessed from the comfort of your couch or desk, that would be optimal.

Here is the perfect list of items you will never see sold all in the same place unless it’s a baby boutique. In which case I wouldn’t want it because it would be too expensive to be reasonable!


The Graco Freeport collection is super cute and chic. It’s also a 4-in-1 crib, child’s bed, etc and Walmart conveniently throws in the mattress and changing table as a package for a STEAL at $249. (Also, if for some reason you are compelled to buy this item, my sister Alexandra works there and can get you an even better deal.) Ummm, yes please! :)

Baby Trend’s Envy travel system in citron is yet another Walmart steal at $150. The best deals at Target (there is a stroller, carseat, base combo on my registry that I like much less!) is $180. It’s all the exact same stuff just $30 less at Wally’s. Also, Walmart’s website = MUCH easier to navigate than Target’s. Just sayin’.

The diaper bag my husband says he would refuse to carry. But let’s be honest, if I’m saving us so much money on diapers with the cloth ones, I think I’ve earned a cute and way-too-expensive diaper bag. That’s just how I roll. ;)

So perhaps it was because my mom used cloth diapers but I’ve never seen the point of disposables. Yeah, it’s easier and more convenient but so is eating McDonald’s every day or quitting your job and signing up for welfare. That doesn’t mean it’s the best idea! ;) If your babe is in daycare or whatnot cloth diapers are really not an option but if you have the luxury of staying home with your baby, I’m a big fan. Also, the color Ribbit is just too pretty to pass up! :)



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3 responses to “Dream (Baby) Registry

  1. well that answers my question about how your registering went! LOVE cloth diapers, that’s how we grew up too :) and that diaper bag is gorgeous!

  2. We love those diapers. The bum genius diapers are so much like disposables (read: easy to use…not oragami required!) that the nursery at church and our babysitter were willing to use them. I just ask them to put them in the wet bag in his diaper bag instead of in the trash. Easy peasy.

  3. nans

    you and cair have the same diaper bag. ;) (well, your is hypothetical but i think you should get it!) they are REALLY expensive but after seeing a PPB in person, i’m wowed. those are for real worth it. dang.

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