Baby Gender Contest and Name Announcement!


So tomorrow is the big day.

Although I’m part way convinced Poppy will NOT cooperate, the plan is to get our gender ultrasound tomorrow morning. Anyway, feel free to vote (preferably on my blog in the comments because I am not on Facebook for several weeks still!) and let us know what team you’re on!

We’ll post the winning team (AND baby’s name!) tomorrow at noon PST. Guaranteed or your money back!



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7 responses to “Baby Gender Contest and Name Announcement!

  1. Kristin

    I think it’s a girl!

  2. Deborah Egler-Lopez

    I think a boy!!!!

  3. Liz Bailey

    Boy! Nate needs to experience a little of what He put our parents through. ;)

  4. Girl. I am soooo excited to find out!!!! xoxoxo

  5. nans

    HA SOPHIE!! hahaha!

    i think girl.

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