This weekend du jour, my old band, (jk, just my favorite people) and our spouses (those who had them!) went to the coast together. It was SUPER fun and relaxing.

We slept in!

Ok, only N and I actually slept past 8 am but we have an excuse. We have a baby coming.

And we made AMAZING food, ate way too much, played boardgames and cards, watched movies and walked the beach.

All the other original members of du jour are brilliantly talented photographers and Nancy was kind enough to take some snaps of Dillin and me on the beach. This was while my husband was busy running to the top of the biggest sand dune ever created for time because, among other reasons, he is a BAMF. (If you are easily offended, do NOT google that acronym.)

Anyway, as you can see, she is pretty talented. I will post more pictures later (sooner?). Anyway, I need to go sort laundry and drink some freshly juiced orange juice so bye for now!



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  1. You are adorable! And so is your baby boy!!

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