Unrealistic Expectations

I’m sure we have all been compared to those who excel in areas we do not by people who aren’t in the same situation. Perhaps it was a teammate, coworker, friend, sibling who was a total pro at something that you struggled in or where just ok at doing. Life is hard enough without comparing ourselves to others but it’s a choice we can make. However, we can’t stop anyone else from comparing us and wondering “What’s wrong with her? So and so makes it look easy!”

We aren’t created equal in our abilities. Shocker, I know. We aren’t all winners because we tried really hard and gave it our best shot. Often our best is just not enough. A mature person can acknowledge this in themselves but it’s unsettling when others do not, especially when they are merely onlookers and aren’t in the same place or trying to accomplish the same goals.

An area that I really need to grow in is not caring what the onlookers think, (politely?) ignoring their comments and being content. Really, the life of a believer is not about anything we can or will do. It is all about what the Holy Spirit empowers us to do when we rely fully and completely on him. The Creator of the universe isn’t even impressed when I get it right when I get it right out of sheer willpower. I am the creature, he is the Creator – my best efforts, even a flawless effort, if performed in my strength does not impress him or win me any points.

Nothing right and good that I can possibly accomplish on my own is impressive or even noteworthy to him. What is noteworthy is a dependency on him. If I woke up tomorrow and got it all right for the next 50 years, that still would not be impressive. Try and get it right or try and fail – they both fall flat in the light of the Gospel, what has already been done for us. And this can be our consolations when we get compared to others. In the end, we won’t have to stand before the onlookers and give an account for why we failed in our own strength to get it right. God is merciful and knows which strengths he gave us and which he did not. That is more than enough.



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3 responses to “Unrealistic Expectations

  1. This reminds me of the comment Adam Corolla made. He was talking about Occupy Wall Street, but I think it applies to a lot of things in life. He essentially said we live in a society where everyone thinks they deserve a trophy for participating. We often forget that in some ways it is “survival of the fittest” and the playing field is often not level. Great post!

    • Oh, I forget people actually know who Adam Corolla is because I only know him in association with Dennis Prager! My husband actually went and listened to the clip you referred to tonight. He has a great point!

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