in process: saving food, time and money

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty convicted about waste, especially surrounding food in our household. My husband will eat almost anything, no matter how much he doesn’t like it or what condition it is in. I, on the other hand, I… will throw away slightly mushy grapes.

We try to keep our expenses low so we decided to get a Costco membership a few weeks ago to keep me from making my every-three-day pop-in to Safeway. Wednesday has turned into Costco night/date night. Weird, I know. Shut up.

Seeing as I have internet access, I have seen every single blog post ever about saving money, especially in the area of food. It truly didn’t connect for me until I found this post. FINALLY. A get-organized/save-money blog with advice I could actually use. For the love! Anyway…

I’m slowly starting to put these tips into practice, washing, cutting and storing fresh veggies in the fridge, having healthy snack items on hand and slow cooker chicken prepped and ready for the week! Our Costco run yielded a ten pound bag of frozen, skin-on, bone in chicken thigh for TEN BUCKS. Who even cares, this probably is why they invented slow cookers! Using the recipe provided in the post gave us amazing, tender, tasty chicken that could be used in… pretty much anything. I was thinking this evening about fajitas, but since Nano decided to get some sleep I made curry with it instead. Worked perfectly. I also used orzo instead of rice so the cost of my meal came in at around $1.

Uhhh, this is the kind of stuff I need to remember when we have teenagers!


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