The Resurgence

Ok, if you are a friend of mine on Facebook (currently taking a semi-break from it again! It’s good for the soul.) you know that I love love love The Resurgence. It’s run by my church, there is new content daily with an average of probably 45 posts a month by some fantastic, theologically-sound Bible scholars, pastors, deacons, musicians, moms and almost everyone in between. Also, it’s open as my gmail tab, so that should tell you something about how great the content is!

I decided to dedicate a blog post to it because you’re really missing out if you don’t frequent this page. If you aren’t challenged to pray more, repent more, serve more and love more at the end of a month, I’ll give you your money back, guaranteed. Every single article is about how we glorify Jesus, regardless of vocation, mood, position, calling. There’s nothing better (on the internet!) better than a website that’s all about Jesus. My favorite sermon can be found there. It changed my life and perspective.  Eric Mason reminds me a bit of the televangelists and health and wealth people I used to listen to in style only, but is way more awesome because, again, it’s ALL about Jesus, not just my best life now or how to use God to get what I want. The idea that the Holy Spirit empowers us to do the will of God and that he is the only means by which our accomplishing God’s will actually counts for anything was revolutionary for me. (I don’t use the word revolutionary, by the way. Ish just got real.)

I’m going to leave you with this song because it’s good to worship God and declare his goodness.


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