random birthday babblings.

Happy birthday to me!

Ok, just kidding. Birthdays were always a big deal to me. This year I didn’t care. All I wanted was to sleep in, get a pedicure and have a LONG nap with my husband. Because I’m always exhausted. In fact, I could go to sleep RIGHT NOW. But that’s another story.

So I got up at around 7:30, read Lord of the Rings and ate Cheerios. Then I went to get a pedicure, not so much because it’s my birthday but more because I can’t breath and reach my toes simultaneously. After that, Nano gave me my presents and we cleaned the house. Then I made banana bread and we took a nap. And got takeout sushi (to avoid the judge-y stares and comments from my OH SO OPEN MINDED fellow Seattlites) for dinner. For the overly *ahem* concerned, I pretty much stick with salmon, shrimp and crab for my sushi, all are ok at least in moderation and I don’t eat it more than once a month. Actually, I’ve only had it about 4 times since I found out I was pregnant.

(Don’t know where to put my present!)

(I should iron this shower curtain. I always forget how wrinkly they are when they come out of the package. It’s from Target by the way. We’re definitely on a budget over here!)

I should have had a splash of wine but we don’t buy wine frequently so I didn’t have any yummy reds in the house. Oh well, next year. Plus sangria, plus a mojito. Yes, I am an alcoholic. This is a cry for help. (Seriously? Calm down.)

My husband and I always have great conversations. I’m struck by that consistently. It’s somewhat humorous though because he doesn’t like the way I defend my positions. If you don’t know me, I’m ALWAYS on offense. It was something I had to do growing up. But it doesn’t make me a very nice conversationalist sometimes; I can be very combative. Truth be told, we’re still trying to figure out why in the world he likes having conversations with me at all. Guess I’m just that lucky.

It was a good day. I am tired. It’s my last kid-less birthday. I’m 28. I still take pictures like I’m a junior high kid obsessed with myspace. These are all really profound thoughts, I know. And, actually, the only reason I took this picture – seeing as I quite obviously look like hell – is because I needed to have a picture of myself on my birthday or I’d forget what I did and what I looked like. For serious.

Banana bread! Totally unhealthy. It would have been just as delicious, maybe even more delicious, with HALF the sugar. Also the one thing I don’t like about homemade banana bread is that you can always taste the baking soda. What’s up with that? Apparently I need to rustle up some new recipes.

Ok, I’m tired. Did I already write that? And I need to attempt to get something pulled together for lunch tomorrow. Nice weeks till go time, people! Can’t wait to meet my little mister. :)



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2 responses to “random birthday babblings.

  1. Good conversations lead to a lasting relationship. The first time Brett and I ever hung out outside of church we went to a movie with Emily (Charron). Much to her dismay, Brett and I talked during the entire movie. I knew that was special and we’ve been having great conversations ever since. :)

    Betty Crocker has the best banana bread recipe AND it’s low fat. It’s my family’s favorite and I like to add chocolate chips to one loaf and frozen blueberries to the other.

  2. i can’t taste baking soda in my recipe either. Let me if you want to try it. Maybe your taste buds are super sensitive right now ;)

    Also, I’ve been replacing all/most sugar with date sugar and have been pleasantly surprised.

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