blessed to be a blessing

I love love love when I see parents bless their kids. I’m not talking about routine, socially-obligated gifts, although those are also nice!

A friend of mine has parents who constantly bless her despite the fact that she has not been “perfect” in her performance as a daughter. She always gets encouraging text, little presents, free childcare, groceries… Her parents LOVE to bless her. I think this is huge. It’s huge because if my child screwed up in a way that I considered life-changing or exceedingly serious, I don’t think my first thoughts would be bless, encourage, cheer for, defend. And I have a tendency to respond to people base on their performance, a hard habit to break although I KNOW that way of thinking is wholly antithetical to the Gospel. I believe “looking for the best in others” is also antithetical to the Gospel because we are all sinners that God in his mercy chose to save from our depravity. “The best” in a sinner is probably just less sin.

So what are you supposed to do when your child makes a major mistake? Or how about one major mistake after another after another after another…? What do you do when they live on the edge and are just lucky enough to not get caught? How often are we like this with the Lord? Yet his thoughts and action regarding us does not change based on our current position or present stupidity. He is always the same. He lets us suffer the natural consequences of our actions, and will correct us but his attitude and opinion toward us never changes. As disappointing as it is for me to admit it, that is incredibly challenging for me. I hope I’m able to act like God the father when my son is less than upright in his thoughts, words, deeds. Lord, please help me remember…


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