THEE Big Annoucement

So my hubs got a really good job offer. In YAKIMA.

For those of you who know us, you know that we’ve spent the last two years trying to transition from a sea-based career (my husband is a merchant mariner) to a land-based career. With the economy’s (at times) abysmal growth, we knew it would be a while. But the Lord answered our prayers and we now have a really good gig in EWa. (AKA Eastern Washington.)

This means a few things.

1) I’ve never lived anywhere that could even remotely qualify as SUNNY. Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to The Yak’s (as we affectionately call it) eight inches of rainfall compared to Portland and Seattle’s 37ish inches. Also, the 290 days of sunshine? Yeah. Not going to complain about that.

2) I have the distinct honor and privilege of moving (you know – packing, deep cleaning, unpacking) with a ten day old baby. Every time I get overwhelmed, I remember Sacajawea and how she WALKED with her newborn baby across half the country. Why does feminism insist strength is primarily in doing what men do after them? This gal breastfed a newborn while hoofing it across a continent. That to me is true strength and fortitude. Not becoming a CEO. But I digress… Times like these are when my husband tells me to embrace the suck. And I plan on it – there isn’t another option.

3) Yakima, I have found through several minutes of Google searches, has everything I need in a town. Costco. CrossFit. And an Acts29 church plant. Oh yeah, and they apparently “just got” a Target. PTL. For serious.

4) I get to be a stay at home mom with my little Teddy Bear!! I have no clue what the job situation is like in The Yak anyway. But with zero immediate options for childcare, and hoping to succeed in breastfeeding AND my husband out of town for training for about a month this autumn, if you need me, you can find me at our house. Where I plan on writing, taking lots of pictures and perfecting paleo dessert options. If someone wants to pay me for any of the aforementioned “work”, I will happily accept.

August is going to be a busy month, to say the least. My sister is getting married, I’m having our first kid, we’re moving 150 miles away from the most gorgeous city on the planet and so on. N starts work on September 1st.

I’m thankful that we serve a God who hears and answers prayers and that sometimes, through lots of time, money, energy, lost sleep, patience and tears, he actually says yes. We really don’t deserve everything the Lord has blessed us with – nowhere near it. But God in his grace has blessed us even more. We are not ignorant of any of this and every day we’re more thankful for the incessant, obsessive, monstrous, incomprehensible grace of God. Even when things don’t go our way, he is always good.



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2 responses to “THEE Big Annoucement

  1. You know you guys won’t be doing all the packing/moving alone, right? Congrats, to both you & N; these are exciting times.

  2. awesome! such great news. And you are so right, we don’t deserve the blessings we get, let us always remember that and be grateful.

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