recent thoughts on paleo

When I first got pregnant I was super sick as I’ve mentioned before. It was to the point where I was struggling with depression. And food was the only thing that made me feel better – at least temporarily. My husband worked a TON (70+ hours a week) and I swear half of his OT was spent on to-go orders. It was miserable. I’m still not convinced I want to do it again.

Anyway, all that to say that my husband really really wanted me to eat well. I also wanted to eat well but I just didn’t have the time or the energy to make real food. I didn’t move off the couch on the weekends, I just couldn’t do it. I felt horrible crying myself to sleep at night because seriously, what husband wants to fall asleep listening to his wife sob because she’s so depressed and sick? It was finally around week 13 that I started feeling better and it’s slowly improved from there. Now I actually feel really really good, have energy and besides some pretty severe aches am actually back to how I felt pre-pregnancy. In short, I feel GREAT most of the time. Especially when I’m not pregnant or – like now – at the end of my pregnancy.

That means – naturally – getting back into paleo. My goal is for the Nevada family (us!) to be 100% paleo at home in the next six months. This may or may not include a paleo Thanksgiving if we aren’t with one of our families. I’m looking forward to the challenge if it presents itself.

For those of you who don’t know what eating paleolithic foods looks like, might I suggest you start here. Or if you are more interested in the results than the science behind it, you can go here. I will add that while we like to eat paleo to help our workout recovery times, helps us feel good and is an easy way to maintain a healthy weight, my jaw was on the floor when I read about how paleo had rid people of everything from autism spectrum symptoms to infertility. Not to mention the tens of thousands of pounds lost. In my estimation, it’s really closer to a miracle for a lot of people. Not a diet.

We will see how my plan goes. Paleo is a lot of prep. Besides fruit, nuts and Lara bars, there’s not a lot that you can just grab on the go. It takes some work. You can’t show up to work empty handed. Well, if you wanted to eat a bunless Five Guys burger everyday, I suppose you could. But you should not want to eat anything from Five Guys everyday! Heh. That’s where the biggest challenge lies. No one wants to come home exhausted only to have to spend an hour over the stove. That’s where expert help with the prep comes in.

Paleo is also a bit expensive. (The government runs everything else SO effectively, we should let them dictate the cost of food and make the stuff that’s worst for us the same items that are least expensive. We all know that makes sense!) But it doesn’t have to break the bank. I’m still in the process of learning what is and isn’t worth the money. I’d rather have 4 pounds of grapes than spend $6 on four servings of nitrate-free salami. N eats just as much coconut milk ice cream as he does Haagen Dazs so I may as well just make the coconut milk kind at home for $2 instead of spending $5-6 on the SO Delicious at Safeway. I can get a ton more than just one chicken for $7 so long as I have a few hours to defrost it (we don’t have a microwave) and throw it in the slow cooker (which takes some setup with 6′ of counter space – no, I am not kidding – and ONE outlet in our entire kitchen.) Thank you JESUS that we are moving. PTL.

Moving on. Haha.

It’s all about little tradeoffs. If you have TIME you can save a lot of $$$. If you have a huge food budget (we don’t!), you don’t have to spend quite as much time.

A big part of the reason that N and I are so set on doing this is because of the garbage that passes for kid food these days. Also, by preemptively cutting out things that are typically allergens, that’s another battle we won’t have to fight or at least, one that won’t be as difficult. I have allergies and children who have a single parent with allergies have a 30% chance of having one themselves. If both parents have allergies it’s 50% or higher.

*Please don’t start on “Well, there is calcium in the milk!” As I start to think more in terms of paleo I look at this picture and say “Hmmm, there’s nothing green and there is nothing that has a face. Probably not a meal we want to feed our kid on the regular.” As Paleo Parents tell their kids, “eat like a dinosaur”. :) I also find it super curious that milk, wheat, soy, and peanuts are among the most common food allergies for children. (Eggs and seafood also are on the list and are 100% paleo but I wouldn’t be surprised if a paleo diet cleared those allergies up at some point for most kids.)

Obviously, people need to do what’s right for their own families. I know and know of a lot of families who don’t eat paleo all the time (ummm, US? haha) but who have it as a goal or just shoot for a target – 80% for this family. Unlike vegetarianism, veganism, low carb and low fat diets, Paleo has ZERO downsides. There’s nothing that needs to be “made up for” and that’s pretty amazing.

Anyway, I need to shut up now. Mostly because I need to get some chicken seasoned and defrosted. I’ll end with this quote from Whole 9’s facebook page this am.

Guilty as charged: Paleo nutrition is elitist… in exactly the same way as owning a 40 inch television or driving a late model car. It’s about priorities.

As my pastor likes to say when people try to start arguments with him over speaking in tongues, “I’ll die for Jesus, I won’t suffer a papercut for tongues.” That’s sort of how I feel about paleo. If you don’t want to do it, that’s fine. I’m not going to fight over it. I do it because it works for our family and because the science backs it up. That’s all. What you feed your kids is 100% your business and I won’t try to force them to eat the way our kid eats because I think it’s “better” for them. People can do what they want and what works for them. Having lots of energy, not needing to count calories or worry about too much of X and not enough of Y works for us. The end. :)

First pic is from Melissa’s cookbook/blog which you need to check at least once a day. Probably more often than that, actually.

Correct photo credit: Photos from The Clothes Make The Girl. Photographer: David Humphreys.


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  1. Thanks for the link back to my site — love being called “expert help.” Can you please add photo credit to the array of food photos that you borrowed from my web site, please? Those photos are copyrighted and in my book. Thanks so much!

    It should read “Photos from The Clothes Make The Girl. Photographer: David Humphreys.”

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