zombies, marriage and regular everyday(s)

My husband wanted to hang out with me.

Ok, probably not a big deal for most of you but due to personal insecurities, I am still honored that my husband wants to spend time with me. He enjoys my company! That thought alone makes my heart happy.

He’s training for a big race (running, obstacles, 20ish miles) and needed to get a workout in. One he could have done in less than an hour without me tagging along. But he asked if I wanted to join him anyway.
It was four miles. I’m nine months pregnant. But of course I said yes!

Over two hours later, we made it back into the house. Our journey had taken us up two super steep, long Seattle hills and back down. I had to slow to a snail’s pace (no, literally) when our son’s head connected firmly with my full bladder and when he decided to rotate to the other side because it was more comfortable. I can hardly breath during the rotations, which makes everyone around me jump to the (sadly!) incorrect conclusion that I am in labor. I am not. We had stopped by two banks, Starbucks, the video game store, Goodwill and a mattress store and I was beat by the time we got back. But I had so much fun.

My husband makes me laugh hysterically. I think this is a big deal because out in public, you rarely see wives laughing with their husbands. At least I don’t see it much. And I look for it! But we had so much fun coming up with campaign slogans for Obama 2012, commenting on the ridiculous bumper stickers everyone in Seattle has, quoting our favorite movie, coming up with our birth plan, commenting on houses we passed and so on. I think I’m really lucky that I get to hang out with my husband for a few hours a day. He’s such an amazing person and my hero in every way.

As we were sitting in front of the tv later, while he was playing his new video game (Dead Island, I think? I don’t know. It has zombies) I said “If I am bitten by a zombie, please don’t cry after you shoot me.” And he said, “I will still cry but I will definitely shoot you.”

Me: “Thanks. You’re the best.”



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2 responses to “zombies, marriage and regular everyday(s)

  1. i love those times with nathan and i end up doing something routine and it turns into a super-fun date! we married good ones, huh? i liked reading this :)

  2. Nano

    I love you, baby. You’re my favorite person in the world. You make life so much more fun.

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