Throwback Thursday


So these pictures should have been posted a long time ago. 12 months ago, to be exact. But I had SO much morning sickness – all day sickness, really – and was constantly exhausted and miserable. So that did not happen.

Initially, Taylor, Abbey, Sarai and I had planned to drive around the Olympic Peninsula. But it was January and the weather didn’t exactly cooperate. But we had a lot of fun finding oddly named roads, getting pulled over for going to slow in the passing lane but too fast for the conditions (really), eating lunch in Port Angeles and taking the ferry back to Edmonds. Man. I miss Seattle.

Without further ado, Throwback Thursday. At Dungeness Recreation Area outside of Port Angeles, WA

20120114-IMG_0006 20120114-IMG_0009 20120114-IMG_0011 20120114-IMG_0013 20120114-IMG_0017 20120114-IMG_0020 20120114-IMG_0023 20120114-IMG_0032 20120114-IMG_0034 20120114-IMG_0038 20120114-IMG_0045 20120114-IMG_0046 20120114-IMG_0049

Needless to say, it was quite windy on the Strait of Juan de Fuca that day. :)


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