Christmas Traditions

I know it’s childish of me but I am not a big fan of tradition.

Growing up, we had LOADS of Christmas traditions. I mean buckets full. Let me list just a few.

Every year we went downtown to have our picture taken with Santa. I think my last Santa pic was when I was 24, despite being promised my entire life that I would no longer be obligated to sit on Santa’s lap past 18. At this point, Santa gets excited to see us. GROSS.

We put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. My mom has two trees. One we were allowed to decorate and one we weren’t allowed to touch. I have a similar level of OCD surrounding our tree but we don’t have enough ornaments yet for it to really matter. Dillinger will be experiencing a lot of wrath next Christmas when he starts breaking my ornaments. KIDDING, they are all from Target and Pottery Barn. In short, easily replaced.

The first two weeks of December were spent singing in Portland Christian Center’s Christmas choir. Which was and still is spectacular. Especially considering the fact that these events are free!

Christmas Eve my uncles come over and watch It’s A Wonderful Life with my family. I never loved the film and frankly, the only movies I can watch more than twice involve wizarding education, Hobbits or a few hundred Spartans in loin cloths. Oh, and Vulcans. Otherwise, I’ll pass. I really wish I enjoyed the movie but it really just doesn’t do it for me. Something about the lack of CG… no, I think it’s a little depressing for the most part. I don’t like depressing movies.

Christmas morning, my mom takes a picture of us with every single individual gift we opened, using her digital camera. I’m not entirely sure where these pictures go. I would be willing to wager that my father has set up several hard drives containing only Christmas photos. My mom used to make the best breakfast from scratch that you’ve ever had but I guess 30 years of making Christmas breakfasts with zero thanks really isn’t that enjoyable. Who knew?

Lastly, on Christmas afternoon, already bored out of our minds, we would round up any friends who were free and go to the movies. Two years ago we went to the Bradys’ instead – family friends for almost 20 years – which was admittedly far more enjoyable than Black Swan. (Gag me.)

So now I have my own family! YEAH. And what are our traditions?

I have to be honest. I don’t really want any. I’m kind of tradition-ed out. I haven’t asked but I’m pretty sure my mom had so many Christmas traditions because her parents didn’t have them. And here I am being a brat, not wanting any because I had so many! There’s no way to say for sure. Maybe in ten years we’ll have created loads of traditions. Perhaps ten years from today, Dillinger and I will be sitting on the couch watching The Lord of Rings just like we are now. Who knows? I’ll happily develop traditions if he wants. If he doesn’t care, we probably won’t.

Here are a few years of Williams family Christmas photos for your enjoyment.

photo 1 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2

photo 1 photo 2


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  1. Nano

    I am okay with Christmas Eve being dedicated to LOTR other than that I am okay with ZERO traditions.

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