Random Thoughts (Which are usually offensive?)

I offend people a lot. I don’t view this as an asset though I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t sometimes enjoy it. I really need to work on being more positive and kind and less… abrasive.

Found out recently that in some places, you can recent cash from the government if your child is diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. In a country run by perverse incentives, all I will say on this matter is that it will be very difficult to find a cure if many of the children who have autism don’t actually have autism. (The Thomas Sowell Reader, 2011)

I find it highly comical that a company would send out an email on Christmas Day with the headline “Happy Holidays”. Is the concept of Christmas so offensive that we can’t even type the word? Maybe we should just shortcut all this silliness and turn Christmas into a swear word. “Damn it to Christmas, you fool!” Yeah. I could get behind that usage… ;)

The furniture we’ve purchased via Craigslist is way nicer than the pieces we have picked up at Ikea and Target. I  used to hate the concept of buying things used (exception for cars) but buying something of poor quality because it’s never been used by anyone doesn’t make a lot of sense to me anymore.

Currently, I am eating whatever I want whenever I want it. I can barely maintain my present weight (about a pound over pre-baby weight) and milk supply. Dear everyone looking for a magic diet pill: It’s called CrossFit and breastfeeding. You’re welcome!

Screen shot 2012-12-25 at 2.50.35 PM

(Christmas Abbott, stolen from the Progenex website.)

This year in the UK, the 10th most requested Christmas gift was “a dad”. I know a lot of guys who want to get married someday and I hope they are paying attention to this. Father figures needed. It’s a job that will empty your bank account, frustrate you beyond belief and have rewards that will live on long after you are gone.

“Despite the problems that come with aging, I would not be a teenager again for $1,000 a day plus expenses.” – Dr. Thomas Sowell


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  1. WOW…I love the hard truth you present…Breast feeding and Crossfitting…nice.

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