Thoughts From The Old Folks Home…


I love Dr Thomas Sowell. Probably an odd thing to say about an old man who I have never met but it is true. I could say I love his work but I feel like that doesn’t make the point clearly enough.

As I said, I have never met him though Nick and I have discussed grabbing a few people and roadtripping down to Palo Alto to do so. It’s definitely on my bucket list. He’s currently 82 and teaches economics at Stanford. (Between him and Condoleezza Rice, Stanford is by far my favorite Ivy League school.) Dr Sowell is forever sharing little bits of wisdom so I thought I would pass them on to you.


They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But maybe the old dog already knows about the tricks that only seem new to the young – and doesn’t think much of those tricks.

The old are not really smarter than the young. It is just that we have already made the mistakes that the young are about to make, so we already know that these are mistakes and what the consequences are.

People who talk about “earlier and simpler times” are usually too young to remember those times – and how complicated they were.

You would think that young people, with decades of life ahead of them, would look further ahead and plans for the future more so than older people. But it is just the opposite. The young tend to be oriented to right now, while old times think about the future of their children and grandchildren, and worry about where the country is heading in the years ahead.”

Nothing is more ridiculous than discounts for senior citizens, when people in their sixties have far more wealth than people in their thirties.

There are no dead end jobs. There are only dead end people.

I feel as though I need to point out that Dr Sowell would find the title of my blog amusing not insulting. Especially considering the fact that he does not live in a home and is still working full time.

All the above quotes were taken from The Thomas Sowell Reader, Basic Books, 2011.



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2 responses to “Thoughts From The Old Folks Home…

  1. I like Thomas Sowell too. When I took economics in college 30 years ago, the professor actually gave fair coverage to Hayek, Smith and Keynes and Sowell was part of the required reading. Walter Williams is another economist who truly knows his stuff and is able to intelligently address subjects outside of his field.

  2. I have never heard of Thomas Sowell until today. Thank you very much for sharing his words. They are very inspiring and make you think. He really is a smart man.
    Steve @ Senior Living Consultants

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