Thursday Hate: Being Sick

Right now I am sitting next to Dillinger who is tucked into OUR bed and having a hard time staying asleep. Recently he switched his schedule from a bedtime of about 7 pm to a bedtime of 11 pm or later. This is insane. My son is also very much a physical touch kind of a person. Maybe this is true of all babies but he needs affection in the form of being held, kissed hugged. He will hold onto my hand with both of his and he drifts to sleep because he needs the reassurance. I shudder to think about if I were a different person and wrote him off as too needy and just left him to cry. Being a physical touch high needs person myself (my husband refers to us both as militant snugglers), I know why God gave me the most cuddly boy to ever live.

My nose is running. Two days ago my throat was on fire. It’s as if I am getting a cold in stages instead of one fell swoop. This way is definitely better to the other way. I hate being sick though because I am constantly with Dillinger. Because I don’t know many people in Yakima yet,  he rarely sees anyone besides his dad and me. I’m going to be very upset if he gets sick. SHUT UP. I know kids getting sick is normal but I think it’s really crummy to have a cold when you’re four months and already have respiratory trouble. It is what it is though and God will give us grace to get through it.

In the meantime, where did I put that glass of wine?


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