Friday Love: Joy (And Bling)

I’m obsessed with my Christmas present. In fact, I don’t think I have been this excited about a gift in several years. Possibly ever. Santa was good to me. Or my husband thought I deserved a push present. (He deserves a new car for the trauma of watching, I guess? I will work on that!) Whatever the case, I am a happy girl.

Of course, I would have been happy with NO presents. I have an amazing marriage and beautiful little boy who charms me daily. We have our health and I’m one of those lucky mommas who gets to stay home with her baby. Currently, I am enjoying a glass of wine and watching one of my favorite movies. I’m beyond content. We don’t have everything we want but we have far more than we need. We deserve hell. Anything beyond that is the grace of God.

We are grateful. 20121225-IMG_0080



What are you loving this last Friday of 2012?


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One response to “Friday Love: Joy (And Bling)

  1. Shine Bright Like A Diamond! (sorry, that’s all I got. need coffee)

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