Our Week In Instagram


Rough night. Both of us are covered in spit up. Thank God for hot running water!

photo 4 photo 3

Love my happy guy just sitting in his swing.

photo 3

Post-Christmas sickies having a snuggle.

photo 2

Gorgeous, snow covered trees near Satus Pass on Highway 97 in Washington state.

photo 2

Dillinger was mad at me. I’m not sure why. He wouldn’t make eye contact so I know I did something wrong. Oops! Usually he loves bath time!

photo 1

Dillinger and Daddy in the gift shop at St. John’s Monastery. We learned a lot about the Orthodox Church and ate yummy Greek food. Goldendale, WA

I admit that I stole this idea from other bloggers, specifically Aureta, whose blog is absolutely phenomenal. If you enjoy fashion blogs, you must check it out. Like, now. Go. Shoo.

Happy Weekend!



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4 responses to “Our Week In Instagram

  1. Well, sounds like you had some ups and downs this week but that’s okay, c’est la vie!

  2. Steve Williams Sr.

    in that bottom picture he looks just like his dad. He lights up the picture when he’s happy doesn’t he?

  3. Sucha lovely family, and the baby is soo cute<3 Happy New Year !

  4. Aaawww these photos are just sooo cute! The baby is adorable!


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