All That Glitters Is Victoria

Nameberry, one of my favorite websites, had this brilliant article about how older siblings want a say in naming babies. I laughed hysterically, remembering my hilarious adventures into Naming Land.

I specifically remember my mom being pregnant with my youngest sister. She was raiding the old baby name book that she had, coming up with a list of 8 or so girls’ names that my dad would pick from later when he got home. I asked if I could have a say and my mother simply scoffed at the idea. If I recall correctly, she didn’t even allow me to see the list until after my dad had made his decision. I was rude and opinionated – still am! – and she didn’t want my feedback at all.

This made me sad. After all, I had just turned 8! I was old enough to have a say, too. My parents had much better taste in names than 8 year old me and chose Anastasia. Which is pretty amazing.

I’ve told this story before but when I was 3 my mom told me that my middle name was Jeannette, her first name. I didn’t like this because I wanted a name all my own. A few years ago my mom told me to change it if I didn’t like it, but now I like it a lot. In fact, I think she should give it up so that it’s all mine! ;)

At some point, I decided I hated my first name (really? Stupid, stupid child.) and wanted a new one. Victoria was far too boring and unoriginal. My selections varied over the years, going from Roxanne (soooo original to me at the time?) to Christabelle (which I originally thought was pronounced “CHRIST AY bell”) and finally settling on Nevada which I started using as my name on all my school papers. (Have I mentioned that I was homeschooled?! Ha.) Then in high school, I decided everyone should stop calling me Victoria and start calling me Jae. I still think Jae is cute but talk about a serious downgrade from Victoria.

The girl names I liked went from Judith (interesting) to Emma (before that trend took off) to Ryleah (pronounced Riley, because growing up we always pronounced Leah “Lee”). After graduating my favorite names were Sybella, Emerald and Amaurey. When I met my husband my favorite girls names were Harper Mae, Hyatt and Gentry. Naturally, all of those names made my husband want to puke. His favorites were Dasha, Diedre and Hephzibah. (Because THOSE go together? M’k.)

Looking back on my favorite names, which do you think I still like? The ones I fell for AFTER I graduated from high school. My conclusion after thinking it over is this. Letting kids choose baby names is how you come up with winners like Flower Napkins. Most kids just don’t have any concept of anything beyond the present. And Christmas. So as much as Dillinger may hate his brother and/or sister’s names, he isn’t going to have any real say in them. Both of their names have already been selected and since I’m not having any ultrasounds next time if I can avoid it, we won’t even have to talk about it. Though I am curious to see if Dillinger hates his name as much as I hated mine. Only time will tell. Screen shot 2012-12-27 at 5.41.21 PM

Photo by the wonderful and talented Nancy Noble. Used with permission. :)

Happy New Year, everyone!


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