Last Weekend of 2012

Didn’t get a chance to do our weekend recap because we were in Portland having a late Christmas with our families. So I’m recapping now, in the middle of the week. Sort of like Throwback Thursday on Sunday. ;)

Friday we headed down to Portland. The drive between Yakima and Portland is scenic and when it snows pretty much magical. We stopped just north of Goldendale, Washington to eat at St John’s Monastery. The monastery is Greek Orthodox and it was quite refreshing to my soul to be in a place that was wholly devoted to serving the Lord. Even though we weren’t there for more than half an hour, I felt a sort of peace that lingered with me all day. It was lovely.


Driven past here several times and never even noticed it. Typical.20121228-IMG_0014

I love the term “the forerunner”. Evangelicals and Reformed folks pretty much exclusively say John the Baptist.20121228-IMG_0033

I know that everyone hates windmills and thinks that they are fugly AND that wind energy is ridiculously expensive for the amount of power produced. But growing up, we always thought that wind farms were really cool. I still do. This one is between the Columbia River and Goldendale. 20121228-IMG_0051


Apologies for all my crazy photo edits. I have no clue what I’m doing. The Columbia River 2

Incense burners for sale at the monastery. photo 4

Yummy, homemade treats and one of the nuns. 20121228-IMG_0044 20121228-IMG_0048   20121228-IMG_0059

I love the dreary, wintery chill in this picture. Makes me want to listen to Bon Iver.


Dillinger with my dad.20121229-IMG_0105

Dillinger with my mom.20121229-IMG_0125

A very weird picture of my BIL Ben, my sister, Alexandra, and my brother, Stevie.


Anastasia photobombing a picture of Alexandra and Ben. :)20121229-IMG_0140

Dillinger with his unca Trevor. :)

Hope you are having a wonderful first day of the New Year!


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