Random Thoughts Wednesday

I think most people I know would say Narnia, but if I could live in any fictional land it would be Middle Earth. Specifically Minas Tirith.


Deleted my Facebook and twitter apps. Felt like I was spending way too much time on them. Of course, practically within the same minute, I downloaded the Polyvore app which might be the world’s biggest waste of time. I feel so vain using it!

Unfortunately, I realized that since I generate most of my blog traffic from Twitter and Facebook that I need to keep the apps on my phone. Boo. :)

Watched The Lord of the Rings, return of the king for the first time since I watched it four times in the theater in 2003! (But who’s counting?)

Currently reading: The Historian. It’s the tiniest bit terrifying. In other words, perfect.


Related: I love dark, scary movies but I can’t deal with anything dark or scary that could potentially happen in real life. This explains my borderline obsession with vampires and zombies.

Speaking of which, watch 28 Days Later and 30 Days of Night and tell me where the line is drawn between vampires and zombies.

I need to go shooting. Preferably skeet. We are lucky; one of my husband’s benefits is access to the range for free!

Thanks to a generous Christmas donation made by my youngest sister, I am, for the first time, the owner of a pair of classic TOMS. I finally live somewhere sunny! Where wearing TOMS isn’t totally gross and weird! Awesome! The first time I wore them outside it was in the snow! Of course… Gotta love Yakima!

Making Dillinger laugh brings me so much joy. Love my sweet boy.

Dillinger met my brother for the first time this last weekend! Made me happy. :)


(Dillinger is apparently unimpressed with the introduction. Ha!)


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  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE Dillinger’s poofy cheeks. What a little cutie.

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