Friday Love: Dying

Just for clicks, riddle me this. What do CrossFit and sex have in common? Besides cardio. And repetition. Ha!

Any guesses? I’ll let you think about it.


If you do CrossFit you probably get asked a lot of questions because people think they need to be beasts before they step foot in the box. For the record, I am nothing like that. I barely worked out during my pregnancy. When I started going to CrossFit last month, I hadn’t worked out consistently in a year. Getting 45 pounds above my head was a challenge. In short, I’m a huge weakling.

And honestly, I’m almost convinced I am going to die every time I go into the box. But that’s what makes it so great. The awesome thing about CrossFit (and sex) is that you just can’t think about anything else. It requires all of your mental energy. I can go to the box depressed as shiz – disclaimer, not a common occurrence – but during the WOD, all I’m thinking about it the WOD. Nothing else matters. And for us at Yakima CrossFit who have coaches WODs pretty much every day, it’s 20 to 30 minutes of bliss. And agony. But mostly bliss. Even though you feel like you might die.

At the end, you’re still not thinking about whatever was bugging you when you walked in the door. You’re too busy being thankful you survived. You’re high on endorphins and trying to breathe. Things that take higher mental priority than an argument with your girlfriend or how big of a jackweed you’re boss is or when you get paid next. Only later do you come back to reality. But it’s an improved reality because you know, if you survived the WOD you can survive anything.

CrossFit is stress relief in the best way. That’s one of the many reasons that I love it.

I’m going to cover more CrossFit stuff in the future. I’m actually interviewing one of my friends in Seattle who owns a box next week so that will be on the blog soon too!


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