Goodbye (Sort Of!) For Now

Funny how social media has become such a huge part of our lives in just the last decade. I decided in 2010 to take several weeks off of it to enjoy the Lenten season. This year, because I do not believe in coincidence, Lent is starting early.


So some of you know I have been reading The Historian, in which unlikely circumstances align practically every turn of the page! Last night after I had concluded my daily reading (I have to read 47+ pages a day to finish all 700 pages in 15 days) I got the strangest urge to pray. There were no real specifics but I started praying nonetheless. I wondered if perhaps I should start Lent early this year. Then I turned over and went to sleep.

In the morning, when Dillinger woke up, I checked my phone. Notes were open – I had left my phone on the home page when I’d gone to sleep, same as every night. Specifically, it was the note I had written about praying through Lent! It was as clear a sign as any that I needed to start my version of Lent early. I’m essentially doubling the length of a normal Lent, which is about 45 days.

It’s not much of a sacrifice if I look forward to it, I suppose, but my heart is in the right place.

I do continue to blog during Lent, so that won’t change. And I’m still on Instagram, though frankly by next year that might have to go as well. This year, my plan is to forgo Facebook, Twitter, television, news in any format and shopping (for myself, obviously. I still intend to feed my family!). My goal is to read through one of the Gospels each week, so I think I’ll read through each of them three times. I haven’t checked the exact dates yet!

Anyway, I’ll still be here. I just won’t be on FB or Twitter, primarily. Very much looking forward to this season of reflection and prayer and calm.


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  1. This is exciting, Victoria! -David Bird

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